Adopt a Pet From Virginia Beach Animal Care & Adoption Center

We have MANY animals for adoption on any given day! We accept Virginia Beach resident surrenders as well as stray animals found in Virginia Beach. Stray animals that are impounded at the Virginia Beach Animal Care and Adoption Center (VBACAC) are held for a minimum of 5 days commencing on the first day after impoundment. Animals with a collar, microchip, or a known owner are held for 10 days. These animals become property of VBACAC after this holding period expires and become eligible for adoption once they are medically and behaviorally cleared. Not all animals that enter the shelter will be adoption candidates, so following the below guide will assist you with your adoption desires.

Something to remember – Adopting a pet is a full-time responsibility as well as a financial commitment. Make sure that you as well as every member of your family is ready, willing, and able to take on the obligations associated with pet ownership, give careful thought to the kind of pet that would be best suited for your home and then come and visit our shelter.

Adoption Requirements:

  • Proof of current rabies vaccinations for any pet residing in the home
  • Proof of home ownership or a copy of your lease with pet policy

Adoption Procedures:

  • Citizens interested in adopting an animal are encouraged to visit the shelters website ( or the shelter in person. Available animals are listed on our website as well as posted in our lobby and hallways. We have MANY wonderful pets up for adoption in off-site foster homes as well as in rooms past the adoption kennels, so be sure to check the website/flyers for a full listing of eligible adoptees or ask a shelter member!
  • Adoptions are held first come first serve. We do have a couple of requirements (see above) that are needed to adopt, so plan ahead and bring that information with you.
  • Don’t find a match right away? We will hold onto your paperwork for 30 days to give you the time to find the perfect match.
  • Sterilization of a dog and cat adopted from the Virginia Beach Animal Care and Adoption Center is required under Virginia State Code §3.2-6546. We also spay/neuter all rabbits that are adopted from our shelter.
  • If an animal is not spayed/neutered at the time of your adoption, they will remain in the shelter until that is done (usually just a few days) and they can go home the evening of their operation.

After Adoption

  • Upon adoption and within 10 days the animal must be taken to a licensed veterinarian for a thorough examination.
  • If an animal is found to be ill and the new owner wishes to return it they may, with written proof of illness from the veterinarian.

Adoption Fees:

***Be sure to check out our social media pages for any current adoption specials!***

Adoption Fees:

Dogs spayed/neutered at the shelter:

  • Total: $125.00
  • Additional $7.00 License Fee for VB Residents

Dogs that arrived to the shelter spayed/neutered:

  • Total: $25.00

Additional $7.00 License Fee for VB Residents

Cats spayed/neutered at the shelter: 

  • Total: $60.00
  • Additional $5.00 License Fee for VB Residents

Cats that arrived to the shelter spayed/neutered:

  • Total: $20.00

Additional $5.00 License Fee for VB Residents

Before You Adopt, You Should Know...

The Virginia Beach Animal Care & Adoption Center handles approximately 6000 animals annually. Many of the animals that arrive are strays with no health or behavior history. For this reason, the Virginia Beach Animal Care & Adoption Center, the Virginia Beach Police Department or the City of Virginia Beach cannot offer any form of guarantee as to the health or temperament of the animal being adopted. We will make every reasonable effort to ascertain the overall health and behavior of the animals we have available for adoption to the public, however the ultimate responsibility for choosing the right pet lies with the pet adopter.

If you adopt an animal from our shelter and if for any reason the pet is not suitable, contact us during operating hours to schedule a surrender appointment.

Due to the high volume of animals that arrive at the Virginia Beach Animal Care and Adoption Center, we do our best to keep our listings updated with pets currently available in our shelter. In some cases a pet listed might have been adopted or reclaimed by its owner earlier in the day or they might not be listed yet. Please stop by to visit us and work with our staff and volunteers to assist you finding a new best friend.

VBACAC Adoption Forms:

Cat Application
Dog Application
Small Companion Animal