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About 2009-1598 Bub (Off Site Foster)

*** NEW FOSTER UPDATE*** He's doing great! He's perfect in the house and super chill. I crate him when I work and he does bark and howl a lot, sometimes the whole day. At first I was leaving Freddy in the room with him and he didn't bark much but now it doesn't seem to matter and I'm sure it's irritating af for poor Freddy so now Freddy is on a separate floor. At first I thought that he needed to be adopted to a home w another dog (since Freddy did seem to calm him down at first) but I'm thinking he would probably be fine as an only dog. He hasn't shown any signs of food or toy aggression and he avoids any conflict with other dogs. He met my friends dog (Picasso who was adopted from us) and the other dog was all up in his face so he avoided him like the plague. He's an idiot on the leash and scream barks nonstop at squirrels. He loves all people and is super friendly w everyone. He really is a sweet little man. ❤️

***FOSTER UPDATE*** Bub has been in a foster home for just a couple days and he's doing fabulous! This 7 year old, 30 pound boy is house trained, crate trained, good with dogs, good with cats, and good with kids. He's a very energetic boy who loves to run and play so a fenced in backyard would be great for him- he loves to play fetch. Bub is doing great with his foster siblings. He doesn't play much with other dogs but he very much enjoys their company. When he meets a rude dog on walks, he retreats and avoids them instead of correcting them. He does cry and bark for a bit when left alone in his crate but does much better when there is another dog in the room. For this reason he wouldnt do well in an apartment or attached home and we would prefer he goes to a family with another dog. He loves car rides and hates baths. Bub is an awesome dog and will make an awesome family pet. If you're interested in Bub, call the shelter at 757-385-4444 and they can put you in touch with his foster family, or you can email them directly at Karenrph@gmail.com

ADOPTED AND RETURNED: additional information: after being adopted but only in the home for less than 2 weeks, Bub had begun to show signs of guarding his food bowl and being protective of the man in the family. He was also barking at other people and animals outside his fence.

BUB - 7 years old, 30 pounds, house and crate, good with kids, cats, dogs, a cuddler.

BUB came in with his friend Pugsley. Their family recently moved to an apartment and neither Bub nor Pugsley were adjusting well. Bub is reported to be 7 years old. His family advised he is housebroken and crate trained. They felt like they were having to keep him crated too long during the day. They describe him as good with cats, dogs and kids. Bub is a real cuddler.  He was nervous when I first entered his and Pugsley's cage but warmed up quickly.  He wants to trust you and will trust you given some time.  He let me leash him after just a moment of our meeting and off we went.  Along with his brother Pugsley, we went to the yard and he immediately started running around the fence line. When he saw another dog approach the fence, he barked and barked!  I wasn't sure about photos as his first photo shoot didn't go too well with him standing at the gate and not showing any interest in toys or treats but oh what a few days in a shelter can do!  I was able to get his attention (and some photos!) with treats and I'm guessing with time, more treats and patience, Bub will be right there cuddling with you as he used to do with his previous family.  Bub has the look of a cattle dog although we we were told he is a hound mix.  Gotta be some cattle dog in there --- check out those ears!  I bet he could contact Mars with that reception!  His petite tan body is fit and ready to go with daily walks (good on the leash) or runs and some playtime in the yard.  You can teach an old dog new tricks especially if they like treats and I bet Bub would be fun to teach some new tricks to.  He has been with his brother Pugsley for basically his whole life so you are welcome to meet and adopt both brothers or bring your own dog in for a meet and greet.  Bring your respectful children in as well.  Call the Virginia Beach Animal Care and Adoption Center at 385-4444 or go to our Facebook page to make an appointment to meet him!  We are open daily except for Tuesdays. Thank you for choosing adoption!

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2009-1598 Bub (Off Site Foster) 2009-1598 Bub (Off Site Foster) 2009-1598 Bub (Off Site Foster) 2009-1598 Bub (Off Site Foster)
2009-1598 Bub (Off Site Foster) 2009-1598 Bub (Off Site Foster) 2009-1598 Bub (Off Site Foster) 2009-1598 Bub (Off Site Foster)