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About 1910-1633 Bacardi

  • Status: Available for Adoption (adoption info)
  • Species: Dog
  • General Color: White with Black

BACARDI - 1910-1633 1 year old, 75 pounds, smart, friendly, sweet, active, learns quickly, and enjoys training!

Bacardi is a sweet and smart boy, and even though he has been growing up at the shelter -  been there OVER A YEAR (since October 2019) - he is an amazing and remarkable dog.  He is absolutely one of my favorite dogs - sweet, affectionate, smart, and fun to be around.  He will need a transition period into a new home - a time where he can transfer skills he is learning at the shelter into a new setting.  But Bacardi is well worth the effort. There’s so much he can do and given the chance, he can really flourish and be a great family dog.

Backstory:  Bacardi came to us as a 1 year old (maybe even younger) jumpy, mouthy, and impulsive puppy.   He was surrendered in October 2019 when the owner said Bacardi bit him while feeding him.  We don't know what happened exactly, but I do know that Bacardi came to us scared, unsure, and not taught appropriate behaviors. He was also touch-sensitive and so I imagine he was handled roughly and he responded with puppy behavior of jumping and mouthing.  Bacardi now responds very well to positive training and reinforcement and is learning manners and appropriate ways to handle feelings of overstimulation.

Obedience skills he knows/is learning: Sit, Down, Stay, Wait, Leave It,  Drop It,  Find It, Call Front with Collar Grab, Hand Touch/Target work, Leave It, Puppy-Push-Ups, & Hold that Position,  Leash skills (good).  Come visit him and he will be happy to show you all he knows.

Fun things Bacardi can do: Hand Touch game, Gives Paw, and my favorite game “It’s Yer Choice” where a high value treat (i.e. hot dog or piece of steak) is placed on his paw and he does not go after it – he leaves it!  Come visit him and he will show you.

Activities Bacardi enjoys:   Bacardi loves to play; he is learning to fetch and play a good game of tug.  Other things he enjoys:  Toys: ropes, Kong, chew toys;  Treats: pretty much anything!  Very treat motivated.  Loves food puzzles. Relaxing:  we’ve seen Bacardi able to relax & decompress.  His ‘people’:  Bacardi loves to be around his favorite people; he’s engaging & interactive.  He is learning to love being touched and petted.  He loves the kiddie pool at the shelter.  He flops in it and lounges;  next, we’re going to try a pool! Long walks and sniffing.  Bacardi loves to interact and be with his people so Training has been easy and fun. 

 OtherDogs: Bacardi is a friendly dog and seems to get along with other dogs.  He is playful and energetic, although still learning manners.  He takes correction from other dogs when he gets overstimulated.  He seems to do best with dogs who match his style of play which is energetic and/or calm, tolerant dogs. If a dog is too rough with him, he tends to retreat.  And as with all dogs, if there is a resident dog, dogs would need to closely managed and monitored.  Kids: we do not recommend kids since Bacardi is still working on jumpy behavior and being over stimulated.   Cats: previous owner noted no cats.  Bacardi was cat tested, nothing in particular noted, however, Bacardi may being overly interested and need to learn manners to interact appropriately with a house cat.   

ChallengesBacardi can still be jumpy and easily aroused when over-stimulated or with an unknown handler. He is learning to respond to redirection. Responds well to consistency and structure.   Can be hand shy with new people, but he’s quite friendly so this is easy to work on.  Needs some consistent potty training. 

Bacardi will need some time to transition into a home, but with practice and consistency, he can be a great family dog.  He did spend some time in a foster home and this was a positive experience for him.  Come meet BACARDI – he will show you himself what a great dog he is!  His ID number is 1910-1633.  Thanks for considering adoption! 

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1910-1633 Bacardi 1910-1633 Bacardi 1910-1633 Bacardi 1910-1633 Bacardi
1910-1633 Bacardi 1910-1633 Bacardi