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Pit Bull Terrier / Mixed  : :  Male

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About 1906-1646 Chocolate (Off Site Foster)

Chocolate is as sweet as his name implies once he gets to know you. His heart has a huge capacity of love to offer once he gets comfortable with you. He is a playful and happy and enjoys gnawing on a bone or squeaky toy. He has been in foster for awhile now and has proven himself to have good house manners. He demonstrates good doggie behavior in a daily basis with no issues or complaints. He loves his crate and is very comfortable there. His foster mom reports no issues with separation at all.  The same goes for thunderstorms, no problems with that either. Chocolate’s main issue seems to be trusting new people. Currently, everyone who handles him has total control and finds his behavior very predictable. Chocolate has a close circle of friends and he must feel comfortable with you before you can join the circle. For this reason,  a potential adopter would need to meet him a few times so he can familiarize himself with you. Once he established trust, he’s yours.

> He has done well with several dogs in the household as well. He is now also familiar with the neighbors’ dogs too.

> Initially, he had some fear of body handling but that too, has faded.. Again, it’s all about TRUST for Chocolate. He needs a home where there aren’t a lot of people going in and out, as Chocolate values his privacy. A single owner would probably be best.

> He loves to run, play and his daily walks are always met with enthusiasm...sometimes too much as he can pull strongly on the leash.. He has grown accustomed to some of the regular runners/walkers along the route and will proceed without issue. New activities are strange to him, he may stop to watch construction materials being unloaded, a ups delivery or roofers at work.. the more familiar he gets with seeing something new,  the better he is. He gets better each day and requires a patient, strong owner to help him through the strange people/things that he encounters along his journey through life.. He is totally worth it.

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1906-1646 Chocolate (Off Site Foster) 1906-1646 Chocolate (Off Site Foster) 1906-1646 Chocolate (Off Site Foster) 1906-1646 Chocolate (Off Site Foster)
1906-1646 Chocolate (Off Site Foster)