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About 1906-1658 Missy Duke (Off Site Foster)

2020 FOSTER UPDATE - Missy has been diagnosed with being Thyroid positive as of 5/14/20.  She is starting medication and it will be adjusted accordingly.  She will be on one pill/ear gel twice a day indefinitely.  You can get the meds (pills) with a prescription from your vet at Chewy.com for 24 cents a pill or 48 cents a day.

Missy is very social, friendly and happy.  She is a senior kitty who loves to sleep in boxes on their sides.  She does have a weak back right leg and will need pet stairs to get on beds and couches.  She is okay with other cats and will swat at non-aggressive dogs if they come to close to her.    She will not do well with aggressive dogs or dogs that will want to play with her or tease her.

Hello everyone!  My name is Missy or Duke  but you can call me Missy.  You see I was adopted from here, they named me Duke, but after some time they didn’t want me anymore.  Their nice neighbor took me in.  She thought I was a girl and named me Missy.  She has had me for the last 2 years and I know Missy as my name.  Well, truth be told, I know that name sounds like a girl’s name but I don’t care.  Have you heard the rumors that brown tabbies are RELAXED and EASY GOING?  Well THAT IS ME  in general. I am HAPPY, FRIENDLY and a nice middle-aged 7 years old!  My previous person sail this about me: “He is a VERY LOVING, INDEPENDENT, and an inside cat!”  Wow!  Great information!  Are you looking for a LOVING cat who can be independent too?  If so, then come meet me!  A BEAUTIFUL brown tabby who is ready for a GREAT FOREVER HOME!  When you come, please ask for me by both my names because I may be in the Transition Room waiting for a spot on the adoption floor!  I promise, you will be glad you did! I REALLY AM A GREAT CAT!!

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1906-1658 Missy Duke (Off Site Foster) 1906-1658 Missy Duke (Off Site Foster) 1906-1658 Missy Duke (Off Site Foster)